Steaks by Alan

As a few of you requested tips to grill steaks, my father-in-law kindly agreed to write a post on steak grilling (which is definitely not my specialty – handling the grill is more of a “man” thing, I think). – Enjoy !


Filets:  minimum 6 oz each
Tbone: minimum 1 lb each
Rib steaks:  minimum 1 lb Each

Cover steak(s) with a thin film of olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste.
Turn on the Grill to high and heat to a minimum of 550 F

Place steaks on the grill directly over the flames at a 45 degree angle (on the middle so you don’t burn the outside too much).
Close the grill and cook for approximately 2 minutes (note 1)
Turn the steaks over and cook with the top down for the same time in the previous step.

Open the grill and lower the gas to medium
Turn the steak over again and place it on the grill at the opposite 45 degree angle.(note 2)  Cook for an additional 4-5 minutes (Note 3)
Turn steak over and continue cooking
As soon as the top of the steak shows liquid on top monitor the internal temperature with a good meat thermometer (note 4-6)
Remove from grill at temperature and serve immediately (Note 7)


Note 1: This time depends more on the type of steak than it’s size.  For Filets I usually do about 2.5 minutes.  For more fatty cuts (NY strip, rib, etc) I limit this time to 2:00 minutes.
Note 2: If done correctly the grill marks should form a diamond pattern.
Note 3: This time is dependent on the thickness of the steak and your particular grill temperature at medium.  Times quoted are for steaks about 3/4″ thick on a small Weber grill..
Note 4: Chef Alan recommends:

CDN DTQ450X ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer

Note 5: All thermometers suffer from something called a stem effect.  Essentially that means meat thermometers tend to read lower than the actual temperature.  Thus while this thermometer recommends 130-140 F for rare, I need to take the meat out around 125 F for rare.  Same for medium.  The thermometer recommends 140-160 and I typically take the meat off at 135 – 140F.
Note 6: If you want to add a little garlic flavor you can sprinkle a little garlic powder on the top of the steak about 2 minutes before it is finished.  I don’t find it necessary.
Note 7: If you are cooking really large steaks (10 oz and up filets, and over 1.25 lb T-bones, etc), these steaks will continue to cook internally after they are taken off the grill so again they should be taken off the grill at the low end of the range you are aiming for.

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