Halloween Cake Pops, Ghost Cookies and Snowstorm…

First snowstorm of the season !

Saturday we had our first snow storm of the season ! It was quite a surprise and since the temperatures dropped considerably, I used my time wisely and prepared some last minute goodies for Halloween in anticipation of the trick-or-treating action this Monday.

I started by some basic sugar cookies, sloppy royal icing and chocolate eyes and mouth…

Booooooo !

Then my imagination wandered and I started to want to try to make “cake pops”…

I have never been a big fan because the technique calls for store bought cake and icing (processed ingredients…yuck…yuck…yuck) but every once in a while I have to bend my rules for the sake of my children and husband. The cover was made out of white chocolate and various types of candy (a great one to work with : chocolate covered sunflower seeds).


My favorite ones to start :

Where's our mummy ?

And a little collage of all the fun I had while making them…I made Jack-O-lanterns, eyeballs (least favorite), aliens, ghosts….

Trick-or-Treat !

I think we’re ready for Halloween…Treats are done and costumes (dragon and ladybug) are ready to be worn !

Have a spooky Halloween !


Stay tuned for Max’s birthday cake : I will attempt to make his wish come true… His request : ” A 4 year old Stegosaurus – just like ME”.

I always love a good challenge, email yours to Natacha@Frenchyfood.com

  1. Gioel says:

    I love those cake pops, really cool. I am now inspired to make my own although its a bit last minute.

    • Natacha says:

      Make sure you have lollipop sticks….the center is cake + frosting and the cover is white chocolate with butter. I usually don’t eat that stuff but they are really good !

  2. MIL says:

    Ghoul enough to eat! 🙂

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