What would you NOT do for your kids?

This is what I wondered when I happily got out of bed at 4am to decorate a princess cake this morning. Having my still jet lagged son walk into the kitchen at 5am and tell me “wow my friends are going to like this” — that was all I needed to hear to make me proud of my craziness! I was sluggish for the rest of the day, but the looks on those little girls faces were priceless. Quitting my Manhattan exec job to trade for moments like this was so worth it! Money really can’t buy you happiness after all….

But back to the cake, my first “princess cake” : strawberry cake with vanilla¬†butter cream¬†and fondant/royal icing decorations… some flavors that I knew little kids would enjoy! I only had 48 hours of notice to get ready and one small batch of fondant at home (that thing is better store-bought) so I had to do a one color dress. Next time I will add layers and various textures and also make it thicker so you can t see all the cake crumbs…



  1. MIL says:

    When you wish upon a star. . . This is the answer to your prayers, all you Princes and Princesses!

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