Hoot Hoot !

Pictures from the last project I worked on, owl theme in lime, turquoise and hot pink.

I customized a cupcake stand, made cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate buttermilk cakes with swiss meringue frosting in vanilla/chocolate), also created a design for frosted sugar cookies (royal icing, eye candy and edible glitter !).


cupcakes on customized cupcake stand

frosted owl sugar cookies


I think it was a very original theme and the colors the client picked were great ! I definitely enjoy doing this more modern/elegant type of work !


  1. Gioel says:

    love these – my kids third birthday is wednesday, can i commission some like this?

    • Natacha says:

      DUDE – Your kid is actually going to turn 2 !!! LOL
      I would love to make something for him but it s too short notice for me….i usually need at least 2 weeks, for trials, get ingredients…next year ?

  2. MIL says:

    These are owl-together artistic masterpieces!

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