Yarr….Pirate Birthday Cake !

I made this cake for my son’s BFF birthday. The theme was “pirates”  and the cake had to feed about 40 people so I came up with this design (see pics below). The bottom cake was a three layer yellow cake filled with Swiss meringue chocolate buttercream and the top was a two layer cake. From making this cake i learnt that covering a three layer cake doesn’t give a clean result like covering a two layer one, so I still have to improve on this.

My son Max was my little helper and made the fondant beads…

Can’t wait for my next cake challenge !

Pirate Birthday cake





  1. Stephanaie says:

    Whiaouuuu tu m’impressionnes !!!!

  2. MIL says:

    Shiver me timbers! A real Pirates’ treasure, aye!

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