Baby shower Cupcakes

It was my first time making cupcakes for a baby shower. The client’s request were “peas in a pod and 2 shades of green”.

The flavors she selected were red velvet with traditional cream cheese frosting and and “all chocolate” cupcake. I made my Swiss meringue chocolate buttercream frosting which still remains my all-time favorite. It tastes so light and fluffy despite the high content of butter.



  1. caro06 says:

    Superbe ! Tu pourrais me donner le n de la douille qui te sert pour poser la crème au chocolat ?

    • Natacha says:

      Oui c est l’embout 1M qui est plus large. C’est le meilleur pour les cupcakes je trouve.

      • caro06 says:

        Oui c’est ce que je pensais, le mien est la taille en dessous est le rendu n’est pas parfait !

  2. MIL says:

    I just (gladly) gained 5 pounds just LOOKING at these photos!

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