Pepper from Mega jump cake.

I thought my level of pop culture was pretty good…until I got a request for a new cake…”Pepper” from Megajump…


I had never heard about that game before, but like my son would say “mommy ask your friend google if you don’t know”…Here are the cake photos, it was a two layer chocolate cake filled with classic vanilla buttercream frosting. I used fondant and edible glitter since it was for a very special girl !


I got a very sweet email from June’s mom :

“Thank you! The cake is jaw-droppingly beautiful! The word “love” may not be sufficient to describe how June feels about her cake – we all just stood there gazing at it until it had to go in the fridge. ”

This definitely made my day ! I love making cakes that make people happy !


That week I also got to make subway cupcakes for some preschoolers. Each kid had the first letter of his name in fondant with subway style lettering/color. Those cupcakes were made out of buttermilk chocolate cake topped with Swiss meringue chocolate buttercream.

  1. MIL says:

    The wholesome ingredients that went into this creation are upstaged only by the imagination and care that went into making it. Bravo!!

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