Beyblade battle arena cake


I got a very special request for a cake this week for 2 kids who were having a birthday celebration. I asked the parents for a photo of the kids favorite Beyblades and decided to built a battle arena for them.



I modified an existing logo for the cake (added the kids names) and had it printed on a frosting sheet with edible ink. The cake was a two layer vanilla cake filled with Swiss meringue chocolate frosting.

I had a lot of trouble with my airbrush so i painted the metallic paint onto gumpaste blade cutouts. Moisture in the air was through the roof, my first set of beyblades did not make it so i had to make them again and prayed for them to dry on time.


Beyblade battle arena birthday cake

This cake is 100% edible !

If you live near New York City and would like a Beyblade cake, email me at


  1. Gioel says:

    Cake was amazing. You have so much talent! Thanks again ..

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