Happy Birthday Jack !

I tried to make a new filling using some goodies my mom brought back from France. This cake was a chocolate cake filled with “praliné” filling….and it was delicious !

My friend made the comment “oh we have pralines, here too”, but they are completely different, american pralines refer to confections made with nuts and simple syrup. Praliné is a mixture of ground nuts and chocolate, this is what i used to flavor the “light” buttercream in this cake.

I must admit I definitely giggled a lot while making this cake…



  1. MIL says:

    This creation opens a new frontier in cake decorating. It is a divine combination of good taste (!), artistic genius, and the stuff dreams are made of!

  2. Stephanaie says:

    Whouaouuuuuu ….. Sexyyyyyy !!! Happy birthday jack !!!!!
    J’adore ce chocolat praliné ….

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