The wonders of Kuzu

I know that corn starch is a staple item in many household but in my search for eating the least processed foods, i came across Kuzu. Kuzu or Kudzu was recommended to me by David Bouley  when i took some of his cooking classes.
Kuzu is used as a thickening agent, it comes from a plant that grows like crazy in the south of the United States…and earned its nickname of “foot-a-night vine”, “mile-a-minute vine”. Basically it grows everywhere, but its thickening capacities remain unsurpassed.

Also unlike corn starch it has no taste at all (my dad could always tell when my mom used corn starch instead of flour or butter to thicken sauces Рbeing the French man that he is, he hates it).  Also another advantage is that it is not highly processed nor bleached like corn starch.

It also contains awesome isoflavones with various effects (from cancer protection -research by Harvard University to hangover cures in China).

To use it, simply dilute/crush some kuzu blocks with cold water and then add it to your sauce (or whatever needs thickening).

Kudzu flower

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